Research Interests

Poverty, Inequality, Income Distribution, Game Theory, Financial Markets


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·          Extending Social Assistance in China: Lessons from the Urban Minimum Living Standard Scheme, for Chronic Poverty Research Centre, Working Paper No. 67.

·          The basic formula of the Gini coefficient between urban and rural areas - A case of China from 1986 to 2003 in the conference on Inequality and Poverty in China, organized by World Institute for Development Research, United Nations University and Chinese Academy of Social Science. It was also collected in the book: Income Inequality and Poverty in Transition China(ISBN 7-80230-294-3).

·          Optimal Cost Reducing R&D Decision of Product Differentiated Firms based on Rational Conjectural Variation in the Journal of Operation Research and Management 2006 vol 2.

·              Optimal Cost Reducing Decision of Duopoly R&D in AJ Model with Consistent Conjectural Elasticity in the Journal of Operation Research and Management 2005 vol 5.

·          The book Enterprise Competitive Intelligence (ISBN 7-5366-5204-6/G1747)was published in Dec 2001.

·          Positive Analysis of Consumption of Anhui Urban Residents during 1995-1998 in Journal of Hefei University of Technology (social science), Sep 2001.

·          Positive Analysis of Reasons for the Enlarging Income Gap Among Chinese Urban Inhabitants was published in Proceedings of 2001 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, Aug 2001, and was collected by ISTP.

·          Positive Analysis of Consumption of Chinese Urban Residents in Recently Years in Journal of Reference of Decision, May 2001.

·          Research on e-commerce and changes of corporate organization in Proceedings of the International Symposium on Government and E-commerce Development. This symposium was cosponsored by the United Nations Department of Economic and social affairs (UN/DESA), the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, April 2001.

·          The Influence of Income Polarization of Urban Inhabitants on Chinese Economy and Relevant Countermeasures in Journal of Wuhu Vocational Institute of Technology, vol 2.

·          Analysis of Price War In Household Appliance by Game Theory in Journal of Hefei University of Technology (natural science), Nov 1998.

Conference Paper and Invited Presentation

International Symposium on China’s Local Government Finance Reforms, China Center for Public Finance: Peking University, China, April 2008
19th Chinese (UK) Economic Association Annual Conference: New Hall, Cambridge, April 2008
Hong Kong Economics Association (HKEA) Fifth Biennial Conference: Chengdu, China, June 2008
International Forum for Contemporary Chinese Studies Inaugural Conference: University of Nottingham, UK, Nov. 2008

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